We create spatial and 3D audio and visual experiences in
installations, presentations, venues, live & recorded events.

3D and spatial audio content specialists.
Musicians, sound artists, we design, produce and
perform live/ recorded/ interactive/ audio and visual experiences.

Like a film for your ears,
We’ll take you on a journey. Inspired sound artists, producers,
musicians, and audio technicians are all available to work with you
and for you.

We compose and compile your unique audio using original sound
from any environment... or your own environment. Natural, organic,
played, recorded, synthesized. Any combination of any sounds or
music can come together to create the immersive audio experience
you require.

It can be a light and soothing program, meditative, calming and
relaxing, mood changing, provocative and energising, it can make
you smile, uplift and elevate you.

It can touch you on deep levels. It can be transformative and highly
entertaining both for the individual, collectively or in a group.

Grab them by the ears!

It will help promote or launch your product. It’s a creative tool that you
will use in your performance, your campaign, your installation, event. really take your audience into another dimension.

Immersive Audio