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    3D immersive audio is reality

    We use spatial sound design to communicate the power of music and
    high quality audio.

    Not with mere loudness and bluster or “blockbuster Hollywood style
    hugeness of production” but with subtlety and dynamic range, to
    show the dark, the light, the colour and shade in a textured and
    layered sound experience.

    To tell the story, enhance and augment it, meeting mind, body and
    emotions on an individual and shared level of appreciation. Vast,
    intimate, easily accessible.

    We design and produce live /recorded /interactive /spatial 3D
    immersive audio and visual experiences for your installation, event,
    venue, campaign, product launch, presentation, performance.

    Great music and audio program content deserves the spatial
    techniques and equipment we use to create great Immersive Audio

    Download, Installation, performance, event, film?
    Where do you intend to use this audio?
    What do you want to achieve with it?
    Consider the options.
    Let’s discuss what’s possible.

    Channel / object based
    Wave field synthesis
    Ambisonic 3D
    Binaural, UHJ, MS, Quad, Stereo,
    Surround 5.1 / 7.1 /all formats

    Using the most appropriate combination of techniques, we mix / remix
    your original content, stems and files into spatial audio.

    Immersive Audio